Global Development Group USA is an Organization Exempt From Income Tax with 501(c)(3) status carrying out humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty. This status was approved and a tax exempt number was issued March 21, 2007.

Our Mission

To relieve poverty and provide long term solutions through:

  • the provision of quality aid
  • development projects

Global Development Group U.S.A. is a Public Charity

A Public Charity brings particular strengths to the aid program. They mobilize public support and voluntary contributions for aid; they often have strong links with community groups in developing countries and they often work in areas where government-to-government aid is not possible.
Many also have particular expertise in providing assistance to meet people's basic needs, particularly in emergency situations where quick and flexible responses are required.

Global Development Group USA works in areas of specialist relief and Humanitarian Aid not covered by some of the larger NGO’s.